Club Policies and Proceedures

Tri Area WARRIORS Volleyball Club (TAWVC)

Policies and Proceedures

  1. Workshop and/or Team Building Activity dates:

All athletes and coaches are expected to attend these sessions. These events are included in your fees and will not be subject to a refund request.


  1. Volunteer for Tournaments and/or Workshops:

All parents/guardians and athletes will be required to volunteer for duties at our workshops and tournaments.  Volunteer deposits will be included in club fees and refunded on completion of duties.  More details on required duties will be given as the season progresses.  Duty sign ups forms will be at first come, first serve.


  1. Schedules/Calendars:

Care full care is taken to provide accurate schedules before a season starts. Gym cancellations and other unforeseen events may occur which are out of the club control, therefore schedules are subject to change without notice so please check often.  It is your athlete’s responsibility to check the schedule.


  1. Attendance:

Attendance is mandatory and necessary if you are to develop and be a valuable team member. Accountability is at your coaches’ discretion and may be subject to dismissal.


  1. Season Competitive Club fees:
    1. All fees are the responsibility of the parent/guardian of any athlete under 18 years of age.
    2. Fees are non-refundable, please to your refund policy on your registration wavier form. 
    3. There are club fees and volunteer fees. Fee schedules will be posted on the club website.
    4. Club fees DO INCLUDE:  All administration fees, Volleyball Alberta fees for athlete, club and team, all clothing, 1-2 workshop/team building activity, professional partnership fees, equipment fees and rentals, gym practice time, coach fees and reimbursements and four (4) tournaments.
    5. Club fees DO NOT include:  Travel to practices and/or tournaments, food, needed accommodations, any braces, black shorts (which must be a minimum of a 4” inseam) or other individual equipment and/or National Tournament fees.
  2.  Payment options:
    1. Club and volunteer fees are to be paid using the online registration found on the website. There you will find all payment options available
    2. Late payments will be subject to a late fee of $60/month.


  1. Nationals: National tournament registration and coach fees are subject to additional fees and will stated so before season start. Additional fees for Nationals will be collected by coach or team manager.


  1. Exhibition games are not a part of competitive club volleyball and are at the discretion of each individual team and coach.   


  1. Team Managers: As Team Manager you will be a voting board member and are required to attend AGM (Annual General Meeting).


  1. Line of communication:
    1. Club communication happens most often through emails, website team system or in newsletters.
    2. Team communication - will be through the RAMP website and set up when teams are set.
    3. Our club has a strict 24 HOUR hold on talking to a coach after tournaments or matches. This policy will be strictly enforced - failure to apply this rule could result in possible dismissal grounds for an athlete.
    4. Issues arising during the season shall be dealt with in this order of communication: 
      1. Athlete to Coach is encouraged first or Coach to Athlete
      2. Parent to Coach or Coach to Parent
      3. Parent and/or Coach to club Manager/Director


  1. Parent Expectations:
    1. When your athlete is with the coach they are the Coach’s responsibility. Parents can NOT approach the bench during a match.
    2. Your athletes need your encouragement and positive input.
    3. There is NO entitlement or promise of court (playing) time to any athlete.  Court time is up to your coach. 
    4. Please allow the coach to coach. All head coaches are in training or trained with either Developmental, Advanced Developmental or Performance NCCP Coaching Certificates. If you want to coach talk to the club director to get information.
    5. As coaches of this club we direct them to work your athlete’s hard, train and guide their attitudes of self and others, push their skills and fitness levels and encourage their self-esteem.


  1. Injury and Concussion Policy.
    1. If athlete shows ANY signs of concussion at all they must sit out.
    2. If signs are obvious Coach will contact parents or guardian, then emergency person to come take athlete to medical care.
    3. Return to play policy per NCCP will be followed. Doctor needs to clear athlete for play.
    4. For more information on these policies go to:
    5. A Coach will always lean towards the athletes’ health and best interests.
  2. Refund Policy.  

General: All fees must be paid on time and are due even if an athlete does not complete the season. ALL refund appeals must be in writing within 15 days for consideration by the director and/or board. All granted refunds will be subject to an administration fee. NO Refunds will be given for any reason from 5 days before a program/league start date. As a sport there is potential for injury. Insurance is void if refunds are given because of injury therefore, refunds will NOT be given for injuries.
By registering your athlete(s) in our programs/leagues you are accepting our full fees and injury risk without recourse to the club.

Atomic Development Program: Refunds will only be considered if a program does not run.

Beach League: Refunds will be considered if you register as an individual and a partner is not found. No refunds will be given for weather cancellation days.

Tournaments: Refunds for drop outs will only be considered within 10 days before tournament start date and will be subject to an administration fee.

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