Coach Mentorship Program

Thank you for your interest in participating in our Coach Mentorship Program! This program was developed to give you tools to share your passion and your skills with the next generation while building on your own leadership and life skills. TAWVC’s vision is to develop top recreation and competitive coaches that will work hard to elevate their athletes to be successful in the sport and in life.

This starts by preparing interested adults and athletes for certification and training in the sport of volleyball. The National Coaching Certificate Program (NCCP) and Volleyball Canada have put together excellent in-classroom and online training programs/courses however, as a new coach these can be tricky to navigate. TAWVC’s Coach Mentorship Program has carefully mapped out a path that combines on-line help, on-court experience and training in fitness, nutrition and mental toughness from our certified coaches and partners.


Time Commitment
TAWVC wants to make you fully prepared to take on the responsibility of a team as an Assist Coach. Depending on the team assigned, there is a commitment of 2-3 nights/week plus games/tournaments during the season from January - May. You and your mentor will work together throughout the season to evaluate expectations and your role for the team. Journaling is necessary.


In this program, you will be assisting your Head Coach with important developmental decisions in areas of tactical, technical and/or mental conditions for your team. So, we want to make sure you are fully prepared for this challenge. You are expected to be fully involved with the practices and in games/tournaments.
You are now a part of our coaching staff and will be required to participate as an Assistant Coach. Your biography and picture will be posted on our website!
See year 1 or 2 for your mapping to your learning path. Some areas need to be completed before you start on the court so please read carefully and ask questions.   

Year 1:





Register as Coach

Club Registration Site


Email information to:

Police Check

This is a Club and VA requirement


Invite to "mybackcheck"

Create an NCCP #

National Coaching Certification Program

The Locker


Must have before you can take any courses.  (5 min)

NCCP Coach Initiation in Sport

Initiation in Sport




2-3 hours which provides you with an introduction to NCCP



Safe Sport Training -

Direct Athlete Contact

VA Development Coach


Safe Sport Training




A learning path & timeline to complete these e-modules will be discussed with your mentor

This is your introduction portion to VA and VC coaching certification

Meet with your Mentor

Meeting place will be determined by you and your mentor


You are required to meet with your mentor three times before the season begins.

Making Ethical Decisions

Making Ethical Decisions


Challenge evaluation/ take class and evaluation

Mental Toughness

Pursuit of Excellence

by Terry Orlick, PhD

$27.52 (

Needs to be read before the season begins

Parents Vs Coach:

Your Role as a Coach

Material will be given to you by your mentor


Will be a topic of discussion that you are required to go over before the season begins.

You will then come into our program as an Assistant Coach and assigned to a team with your mentor. There may be multiple Assistant Coaches on a team.  During this time, the following expectations must be met:

  • Continue your Online Training
  • Attend Volleyball Alberta’s Developmental Symposium (May be done in Year 2 if need be)
  • Be 5-10 minutes early to every practice
  • Run a minimum of two full practices
  • Keep a Coaches Journal of our thoughts, learning, questions and progress
  • Meet with you Mentor once a month 30 minutes before a practice or as agreed upon
  • On-going education with our Nutrition Coach and Sports Psychologist

Year 2:
Our goal is to have you certified as a Developmental Coach (up to U16 years)





Meet with Mentor



You will be required to meet with your mentor 3 times during the off season

Sport Nutrition

Nutrition E-Learning


Available online.

Familiarize yourself with this book - it will be discussed with your mentor

Online E- Modules

(if not completed in year 1)

Online E-Modules

Should have been paid for in Year 1

This is your introduction portion to VA and VC coaching certification


Stream 2: Competition

Part A Stream 2: Competition

Approx. $100

This is your theory portion to your coaching certificate.

Volleyball Alberta and Volleyball Canada: Developmental Coach (Formally Level 1)

Developmental Coach



This is your technical portion of a certified coach.

Developmental Evaluation

Given with course material


By the end of the season, you will be required to run several practices. One will be evaluated by an Advanced Development Coach

Standard First Aid  





This will need to be sourced out yourself however, we can recommend places.

If you are 18 yrs you have the option of coaching your own team in our recreation league or stay with your mentor as an Assistant Coach, depending on your goals you have discussed with your mentor.

Here are the expectations:

  • Attend Volleyball Alberta’s Developmental Symposium
  • Keep a Coaches journal of our thoughts, learning, questions and progress
  • Meet with your Mentor at least once a month 30min. before practice during the season
  • On-going education with your mentor and our Nutrition Coach and Sports Psychologist

You and your mentor will discuss your coaching goals and how to proceed to meet those goals. Possibilities of coaching your own team and continue training to Advanced Developmental Coach (Formally Level 2) for 16 years and up. We will continue to guide and map your learning and give information on whatever you need.  We also have information and resources on available financial grants.



Our club will be dedicated to helping new coaches with training expenses where and when possible. However, you should not expect compensation and may be required to pay for your training certifications first. Funding for training may or may not be reimbursed and is subject to club approval. Upon coming into the coach mentorship program, these costs will be discussed. 


Congratulation on your entrance into our Coach Mentorship Program!


We are very excited that you have taken an interest in expanding your opportunity with the sport. Being a certified coach opens so many possibilities to not only be a part of the sport you love but also develop yourself into a more well-rounded leader in the sport of Volleyball. The position of coach is not to be taken lightly. It has the ability to impact an athlete in both positive and negative ways.TAWVC wants to make sure you have the technical and leadership abilities to positively impact every athlete you have an opportunity to coach. If you have any questions about this, please reach out to:

Dia Syed

Phone: (587) 986-5765
Contact us:


Brenda Heisz 
Phone:(780) 554-9039
Contact us:



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