Coach/TM/Board Registration

Please complete ALL Steps that apply to you.

For example, if you have an NCCP Number then go to the next step.

Everyone MUST complete STEPS 2 and 3 every year.

TM = Team Manager


Step 1 - NCCP Number:

Do only one, A or B

    A. Have an NCCP#  -  Great, add your number to the club registration form in step 2. 

    B. Don't Have an NCCP# - Please go to the following link and register.  

  • NCCP Registration or  

  • Click on the Registration - "I want to create a Locker account for access to my transcript, eLearning opportunities, to sign up for coaching events, and more!" 
  • Fill in the information and Register.
  • When you get your number PLEASE add it to your registration information which can be done anytime.


Step 2 VA Registration:

VA (Volleyball Alberta) Requirements: 

IMPORTANT: Before continuing make sure you have your NCCP #

Continue with the VA Reg. page below.

     Please Follow there instruction!

  • Please Complete online all required forms
  • Region Black Gold/Yellowhead
  • Call finance when you are on payment page. 780-554-9039
  • Forward your Emailed receipt right away to

Go To:   VA Registration Page

  1. Click Register To Club
  2. Type Tri in the Search Club and click on the arrow at the far right
  3. Click on the club name below and let it load.
  4. Choose one of the following
    1. Coaches:             2024 Multi Role Package  - Later (Then once in choose head or assistant coach, Club board of directors, and any others that apply.)
    2. TM's:                  2024 Leader - Club/Team Main Contact (registrar)
    3. Board members:  2024 Leader - Club Executive
  5. Scroll to the very bottom and click REGISTER
  6. Login or Create an account
  7. Choose those that apply. As above descriptions
  8. Follow and Complete all pages, waivers, etc. online
    • Region Black Gold/Yellowhead
  9. Call finance at payment. Brenda 780-554-9030
  10. Email receipt to:


Step 3 Club Registration:

     Go to: Club Registration


Step 4 Police Check: 

Already Have?

    A current "mybackcheck" is within 3 years. If necessary please shared your results with Tri Area Warriors Volleyball Club.

Need to Get?

   If you are new or is out of date

  • Once your club registration is complete you will be emailed an invitation from Sterling. 
  • Except the invite.
  • Choose ORGANIZATION Not individual
  • Complete the mybackcheque form.  


Step 4 Online e-Learning - Complete ONLY ONE!

A is free, B is your cost. Your choice - you only need one of A or B. If you already have a leaders Respect in Sport number please send it to me and go to step 5.  Thank you! 

A. Safe Sport Training (SST) eLearning Free Course - Approx. 60-90 min - See instruction below  

Safe Sport Training instructions - NCCP # Required before access given

  • Go to:  

    The Locker

  • Login
  • Click on E-LEARNING box
  • Click Multi-Sport
  • Click on Safe Sport Training under Available
  • Scroll down to:  Are you involved with a sport, or do you work for a multi-sport organization?
  • Click Sport and choose volleyball
  • Click Coach and continue
  • If asked it's the - Direct Athlete Contact one.
  • Begin


B.  Respect in Sport (As above, if you completed SST the RIS is optional and on your own dime.)

If you have Respect in Sport course please put your number in the registration form and continue to the next step. This course is approximately $35 which would be your cost.  If you do not want to pay this then complete B - Safe Sport Training, it is free. 

Respect in Sport - Activity Leader  course - email your number to


Step 5 Bio and Picture for Club Website

  • Please write a point form biography about your volleyball experience, coaching and interests.  It will be edited for the website.
  • Take a picture of yourself.
  • Email both to club Director at:


Please and Thank you! 

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