Tournament Specifics

Tournament Specifics:

Direct your question to: or call her at 780-554-9039

Are you travelling? 

Welcome to Spruce Grove!

Please see our Spruce Grove Guide:  Click Me 

Coaches and Athletes - Spectator allowed 

If at any time you need assistance, please find Brenda.

Thank you for joining us today!

Have a wonderful, hardworking and fun day!

Concession will NOT be available.  Bring your own food or be prepared to go out to eat.

Please feel free to have your team meetings and socialize in the hallwalls.

No Coaches/Ref room will be provided during this tournament. Sorry

  1. Everyone plays min of 5 matches. 
  2. School opens at 8 am. You are allowed on court so lots of time to warm-up.
  3. Ref’s will be respected always. Only team captains talk to ref’s during a match.
  4. VA (Volleyball Alberta) rules.
    1. U13/14 - No overhead passes off the serve, fair play rule in effect. Regular serving volleyball, no tripleball.  
    2. U15 - No Libero, subbing only after one team reaches score of 15. Free subbing on 3rd match.
  5. Warm-ups - 10 min before posted game start time. Depending on time. Our Ref’s have the authority to shorten warm-up times.  Matches need to start on time.
  6. Selection section (or top of schedule) play 2 sets only and is based on point values system. Please mark clearly on scoresheet. Total points gained during matches will be used ONLY to break any ties. Point values:  5 points for a win,  3 each for a tie,  1 for a lose
  7. Main tournament schedule games are best 2/3. First 2 matches capped at 27, if 3rd played capped at 17.
  8. Please arrive to your scheduled game times 30 min early.
  9. First set starts at 8:30 or 9:30am SHARP.
  10. Last scheduled matches start at either 5 or 6 pm for all teams.
  11. This property is not our own so PLEASE RESPECT our facility by:
    1. Leaving your areas clean and clear of debri.
    2. Stay in the designated areas.
    3. Leaving lockers untouched!
    4. Use the garbage cans provided.
    5. Only water bottles are allowed in the gym.  No coffee at the score tables!
    6. Leave all outdoor shoes on the mats at the front.
    7. No claiming on equipment.
    8. Keep children in your view at all times.
  12. PLEASE clean your bench after each match. Pick up all garbage/bottles, etc. Garbage can at enterance to gym.
  13. Please provide 1-line judge for each of your matches. This can be a parent or athlete. 
  14. Please provide 1 scorekeeper per match. We use the VA scoresheet. Consider it learning for the Premiers. 
  15. Unfortunately, we cannot be responsible for any lost or stolen items.

Thank you for your interest in our tournaments and hope to see you soon!



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