Canada Day Grass/Beach Tournament

Monday, July 1, 2019 to Monday, July 1, 2019

Canada Day Grass (Beach) Volleyball Tournament 2019 

Third Annual July 1 Tournament

Tri Area Warriors Volleyball Club and City of Spruce Grove 

Go to City of Spruce Grove website for more information:  

                Canada Day Celebration


Grass Tournament so please wear your runners. 

Location: Jubilee Park - 510 Grove Drive, Spruce Grove

                     Park at one of the designated spots, see above link, Canada Day Celebration.

Divisions: Doubles (A third name may be registered however only two on court at a time and no substitutions during a set.)

            Male:  U14-U15    U16-U17    U18-Adult

        Female:  U14-U15    U16-U17    U18-Adult

          Co-ed:     ------       U16-U17    U18-Adult

Cost:  Per team $60 plus admin. fee = $61.80

Register Here:  Click Me!

TAWVC reserves the right to change divisions and playing groups as sees fit, according to registration and without notice.


Beach Tournament Rules and Play:


  • Teams are responsible for setting up and taking down their own net and lines.
  • Teams will pick up after themselves, leave the playing court clean and clear after each set.
  • There will be absolutely zero tolerance for alcohol and narcotics on or near the courts. Violations will be subject to disciplinary actions. 
  • Athletes will be expected to show an attitude of respect found in the TAWVC and VA Code of Conduct at every skills training, games and tournaments.
  • Games may be made up on other, agreed upon, dates if weather conditions mess with schedules. 

Play Set-up

  • Depending on number of participating male, female and co-ed teams, similar age groups may be playing each other.
  • Teams will consist of 2 Athletes. Co-ed teams must have 1 male and 1 female on the court at all time.
  • Players may not substitute during a set. However, teams are permitted to make substitutions between sets.
  • Games will consist of 2 sets to 21 or 30 minutes, which ever comes first.  Ties or final score at end time will be recorded as is.
  • Athletes will switch sides every 5 points played.

Rules  -   Official Beach Rules:   Official Beach Rule Book

  • Based on VA beach rules with some variance to work with our time and court space.
  • Teams will ref and scorekeep their own games. In the event of disagreements a re-sever will be done.


  1. The ball may be served anywhere behind the end line and between sidelines and the ball is permitted to hit the net on the serve.
  2. Players must alternate servers in order once they side out.
  3. Serves are not allowed to be received with the overhand set/pass.
  4. No serving tossing errors are allowed. If you toss a ball and drop it, your team loses service.
  5. Teams are not permitted to screen the serve, and players must move if asked to do so.
  6. Be fair, make sure opponents are ready prior to serving.

Ball contact

  1. A ball may not be contacted more than 3 times per side (Rule applies to All divisions - including Coed 4s).
  2. A service reception may not be received with an overhand pass (set).
  3. Non hard driven balls/ free balls cannot be received with an overhand pass (set).
  4. Players are permitted to set the ball over the net provided their shoulders are perpendicular to ball’s line of flight - shoulders of the player must be facing the direction of the intended target.
  5. Open hand tips are not permitted.

Net and Center line

  1. Players cannot touch the net during play. Touching the top tape or any part of the net will result in a loss of point and serve to the other team.
  2. There is no center line violation and players may cross under the net without violation, but may not:
    1. Touch anyone on the other team
    2. Interfere with the other team playing the ball
    3. Make contact with the net


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