Club Volunteering Information

Paper cheques required. These are only an incentive to have everyone help and to understand volunteering is a team activity. We don't want to cash them if we don't have to. We would rather shred them! We hold these until volunteering duties have been fulfilled.

Volunteering duties include:

- Scorekeeping at tournaments - taking your turn

- Shagging balls for the team during warm-ups at tournaments

At the club host tournament:

- Provide food for the coaches and ref's and other workers

- Work a shift at the concession if there is a concession

- Assist with either set up Friday before or take down after last game 


TM (Team Manager) will be selected at the beginning of the season.

- They will organize and let people know when sign ups are ready and how to do that.

- They are NOT there to do all the work!

Cheques are destroyed at the end of season if volunteering has been completed. To be confirmed by the TM!

NOTE: Team fundraising is not part of club expectations but rather to your team.

If the team chooses to fundraise during any TAWVC event the Team Manager will organize this and that money will go to the team for National and extra expenses.


To sign up for a Volunteer slot please 

Click Me 

From the drop down menu select and click your event, tournament, or class.

Choose from the options, sign up, and submit. 

You will get a email reminder notice before the date needed.

Any questions should be directed to your TM.

Thank you,


Questions? Email your TM or the director at:

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