Gym Use

We are the guests in our gyms 

PLEASE RESPECT their space 

Coach or Parent MUST BE the first person in the school!

Athletes are not allowed in the school without supervision! 


EXCEPTION:  School activities have 1st priority ALWAYS and when activities go late we MUST wait until they are completed. This means that on occasion we may get gym access later than our scheduled time. Please be patient!  Thank you for your understanding!

BEHAVIOUR:  We have contracts for the gym, water fountain and bathrooms ONLY. 

     1. Leave these areas cleaner than you found them! 

     2. The rest of the school is OFF LIMITS.  No wandering hallways or opening lockers.  Any violation of this may result in disciplinary actions.  

     3. Balls are not to be bounced or used in hallways or anywhere other than the gym!

     4. There is NO food or drinks (other than water) allowed in the gym.

SHOES: Only clean, non marking, indoor shoes permitted.  This includes spectators during practices and other events.  Socks are permitted.

GYM ACCESS:  Due to liability issues with unauthorized persons trying to enter; gym doors MUST be closed at all times.  No propping the door open, EVER!

SCHEDULES:  Schools sometimes give little warning of gym cancellation so please check your schedules often as they are subject to change without notice.

COVID-19:  Please continue to practice safety by social distancing and washing hands often! More can be seen here: Covid policies 

Find your Gym: Courts - on Home page Boxes

Click Courts above to find your Gym name and addresses. 

Click the view map to GPS it. 

Just a reminder that smoking must be 100m away from all doors.

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