Competitive 2023/24 Session


2023/24 AGM TBA

All athletes whose parents attend AGM will be eligible for a Draw for half off registration fees!

Any parent who fills a role on the board will receive a percentage off registration fees


Congratulation AGM WINNER's of 1/2 Fees Credit 2023 Session 


Competitive winner U15Y Mya Rodgers


Recreation winner Blue Team Isabelle Partridge                          


Tryout information here: Competitive tryouts information


Competitive 2023/2024 Season


Fees 2023/2024 Competitive Season:

Financial assistance more information may be found here: Sponsorship-Finance-Assist

U14 - Base Fee Not including Nationals Tournament Fee = $1600-$1800

U15 - U18 Fee including Nationals Tournament Fee = $1700 - $2000

Note: These fees do not include your own transportation, food, and hotels for Nationals.  Fundraising may be necessary.

Nationals Tournament and Coaching Fees are due April 1, 2024

U14 = $684 + Base (Above)= $2---.--

U15 and U18 = $0

Volunteer Cheques of $350 will be collected at team meetings Dec. 20, 2023.



All LOI Early signed and LOI deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE!  These signed contracts are saying you have accepted a position on a team and will be playing for the Warriors! All athletes are expected to honor these contracts! If you are wanting a release you MUST request this to the Director and Coach and complete all appropriate paper work to our club and VA.

NOTE Late Payment Policy: 

  •   Any deposit payment or incomplete registrations by December school break will be subject to a $60 penalty fee.
  •   After first gym day in January this penalty fee increases to $120 and will be added to your fees.  
  •   Unpaid deposit and penalty fees not paid by January 20, 2023 will result in athlete suspension from gym access.
  •   ANY second or later payment more then 5 days late of scheduled payment date will result in your athlete being suspended from gym access without notice.
  •   Refund Policy

Payment Plan:


Payment Due Dates


Deposit December 20, 2023 $
Payment #1 February 1, 2024
Payment #2 March 1, 2024

Competitive Registration CLOSED!

A. TAWVC Registration

Club Registration

Under Division Choose: Competitive

Then Choose: Age Group

B. VA Registration - Annual membership, ONLY if not already done.

VA Registration - Click Me

All Athletes MUST Register with VA as a Youth Player and show proof of payment. Picture on cell phone is good.

Cost is $19.70 plus admin. fees


1. Click Me above

2. Click: Choose: 2024 Youth Development Player - Tryout

3. Click: Register

4. Click: Sign Up and fill in your information

5. Click the box: 

6. Click: Register

7. Pay page

8. Complete all required information. 

Tips: Region: Black Gold/Yellowhead

Team Code: Leave blank

Submit and Proceed

9. If you have problems, please contact Julie VA @ 780-415-1730.

C. Online training - A or B - ONLY ONE is required! 

A is free, B is $35 your cost. Your choice.

A. Safe Sport Training (SST) eLearning Free Course - Approx. 60-90 min - See instruction below  

Safe Sport Training instructions - NCCP # Required before access given

  • Go to -  The Locker
  • Login
  • Click on E-LEARNING box
  • Click Multi-Sport
  • Click on Safe Sport Training under Available
  • Scroll down to:  Are you involved with a sport, or do you work for a multi-sport organization?
  • Click Sport and choose volleyball
  • Click Coach and continue
  • If asked it's the - Direct Athlete Contact one.
  • Begin


B. Respect in Sport

If you have Respect in Sport course please put your number in the registration form and continue to the next step. This course is approximately $35 which would be your cost.  If you do not want to pay this then complete B - Safe Sport Training, it is free. 

Respect in Sport - Activity Leader  course - email your number to

Email your NCCP number to

Please and Thank you! 

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