Early Signed Athlete ONLY

Early Signing for U16-U18 for the 2023-2024 Season runs

June 1 - 5, 2023 


Welcome 2023/2024 New and Returning Athletes to our Club!


We are thrilled you have accepted a position with our teams!

Early Signed Athlete Payment Schedule:

Please Note: This Early Deposit is NOT REFUNDABLE. 

June Early Signing


Payment Due Dates


Deposit - Paid Registration Date $500
Payment #1 December 21, 2023 $435
Payment #2 February 1, 2024 $435
Payment #3 March 1, 2024 $435
Payment #4 April 1, 2024 $435

 October Early Signing

Deposit Registration Date $600
Payment #1 December 21, 2023 $410
Payment #2 February 1, 2024 $410
Payment #3 March 1, 2024 $410
Payment #4 April 1, 2024 $410

Fees 2023/2024 Competitive Season:

Financial assistance more information may be found here: Sponsorship-Finance-Assist

U16 - U18 Base Fee = $2240   Including Nationals Tournament

Nationals Tournament and Coaching Fees are included

Note: These do not include your own transportation, food, or hotels for Nationals.  Fundraising may be necessary.

U16 and U18 = $365 + Base Fee above $1875 = $2240

Volunteer Cheques of $350 will be collected at team meetings Dec. 21, 2023. 

These cheques will be shredded when volunteering duties are complete.

NOTE Late Payment Policy: 

  •   Any deposit payment or incomplete registrations by December school break will be subject to a $60 penalty fee.
  •   After first gym day in January this penalty fee increases to $120 and will be added to your fees.  
  •   Unpaid deposit and penalty fees not paid by January 20, 2023 will result in athlete suspension from gym access.
  •   ANY payment more then 5 days late of scheduled payment date will result in your athlete being suspended from gym access without notice.
  •   Refund Policy                                                                                      


This agreement may be voided if there is a significant change to the above terms and/or extenuating circumstances. Athletes and/or Clubs would have to apply to Volleyball Alberta ( to request the agreement be voided and therefore be released from the club. In addition to the above terms, we strongly recommend a Club Contract be signed outlining information such as: practice schedule and locations, tournament dates, travel arrangements, code of conduct and any conflicts the athlete may have with team commitments, club philosophy, coaching philosophy, and club refund policy. 

Please complete the initial early signing and deposit form - Step 1 below.

NOTE:  By registering below you are committing to one of the teams on our club.

A formal registration will happen in December.

1. Potential Competitive Season Fees (a range is acceptable): $1700 - $2400

2. Declared Contract Season LOI signing Fees:  Non-Refundable Amount: $500

3. Competitive Fees include the following: Administration costs, misc. fees, Gym Rentals, Technical Training, Coaching, Coach Training, Team building event, Coach Incentive Program, Honorariums, Equipment fees, 2 Jerseys and warm-up shirt, 4 VA Tournaments, 1-2 other local tournaments of the coach/team choose

4. Competitive Fees exclude: Parents must purchase black shorts with no less than a 4 inch in seam for tournaments and games. Tournaments over what is written above, Tournament travel, food, accommodations, Special individual equipment (such as a knee pads, brace), travel to and from practices, Nationals fees - Tournament fee, Coach and personal travel, food, accommodations and other special team events or activities

NOTE: Clubs may collect deposits during the LOI Periods for 15U, 16U, 17U & 18U athletes. The Contract season fee is non-refundable if the contract is voided by the start of the season. Clubs are not required to declare the club fee amount on the signing forms. Clubs are prohibited from accepting a payment for club volleyball expenses through a 3rd party. 

TAWVC Early Signed Athletes ONLY - Club Registration and Deposit

Please complete all 3 steps below.


1. VA (Volleyball Alberta) LOI (Letter of Intent)

Details of this letter are above and will be filled out by the Club Director and/or Head Coach and either emailed or handed to you. 

Once it is received you and your parents will be required to complete and hand in within 72 hours.

If your answer is favorable then please complete the rest of these registration steps.


2. Club Registration and Deposit

TAWVC Early Signing

Please, when registering make sure you choose season 2023-2024.

Under Division Choose: Competitive

Then Choose: Age Group


3. VA Registration - This step needs to be completed after September 1, 2023.

All Athletes MUST Register with VA annually (September 1 - August 31) as a Youth Competitive Indoor Player.

Cost is $107 plus fee

VA Registration


Tips:  Region: Black Gold/Yellowhead

         Team Code: Leave blank

1. Click Me above

2. Click: Register To Your Club

3. Type Tri on the search bar, link on club name or arrow to the far right, let it load

4. Choose: 2024 Youth Development Player - Tryout

5. Click: Register

6. Payment Page will show

7. Click: Sign In or Create a new account and fill in your information

8. Click the box: 

9. Complete all required information. 

10. Click: Submit or Register

If you have problems, please contact Julie VA @ 780-415-1703.

 Thank you! 

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